Bring Financial And Clinical Processes Under Control

Our diagnostic services focus on several key areas. Our general approach is to quantify and benchmark each of these areas, and help our clients develop processes and procedures to ensure that they remain in control.

Claims Submission Issues

The revenue cycle starts with the submission of claims. If there are impediments to claims submission, accounts receivable can quickly become backlogged. We strive to remove impediments to claims submission and put processes in place to get claims processed as quickly as possible.

Accounts Receivable Remediation

Whether you have an in-house billing team or use a third-party billing service, it is critical to ensure that staffing is optimized. Sub-par practices can lead to backlogs in accounts receivable that are difficult to resolve within payers’ timely filing guidelines, leading to irrecoverably lost revenue.

Write-off Management

We help providers quantify and minimize how many dollars are written off due to reasons such as timely filing, provider credentialing issues, authorizations not being obtained, and other preventable reasons.

Denials Management

Every practice will experience claims denials. We look at trends and patterns in denials to determine what action to take and can implement processes to reduce recurrence. We specialize in resolving systemic issues with payers, leading to improved cash flow and lots of time saved.

Patient Accounts Receivable

Having a consistent and effective process for collecting on patient accounts receivable is not only a good business practice but can help you stay in compliance with federal and commercial payers. We can help estimate the true value of your patient A/R and put processes in place to streamline collec

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