Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management  At-a-Glance

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a program developed by Medicare in 2015, with the objective of providing enhanced care coordination to patients with two or more chronic conditions. This allows providers to better manage patients with complex conditions between office visits.

In certain states, state Medicaid agencies may cover CCM as well. We have successfully implemented CCM in Medicaid settings.

There are many benefits to outsourcing chronic care management:

Care Team

Care team is managed by subject matter experts who are focused simultaneously on program productivity, quality improvement, and CMS compliance.


Contracting with Apex avoids a significant up-front investment in equipment, space, and staff.

No Employee Risk

Practices that outsource are not at staffing risk for underproductive staff or other productivity bottlenecks.


Training can be difficult and time consuming, representing a significant barrier to adoption.

Our solution offers additional benefits

Proactive for Our Clients

We are proactive in growing the CCM program for our clients and identifying new qualifying patients on a rolling basis and working in conjunction with the practice to arrange initiating visits.

Full Billing Support

We offer full billing support services to our clients, including the entry of charges into your billing system, assistance with appeals, and detailed reporting & maintenance of the financial performance of CCM.


We offer transparency in the form of regular revenue and quality reports.

Compliance Auditing

We perform regular compliance audits to ensure our clients are operating within Medicare’s parameters.

Tailored Services

Client-driven outcome tracking, reporting, and close collaboration with referring providers.

Our pricing is simple and competitive

We offer a flat rate of $26 per patient, per month regardless of the complexity of the CCM visit. The financial benefits of CCM are clear. For every 100 Medicare beneficiaries that are enrolled in the program, providers can earn up to $20,000 per year in net profit. 

Enrolled Medicare Beneficiaries Potential Annual Net Profit
100 $19,200
500 $96,200
1000 $192,200
2000 $384,200

Primary care physicians and groups, including FQHCs, are eligible for this service. 

Specialists are also eligible for payment. Providers in specialties that deal with chronic conditions or treat patients frequently may find that CCM is a good fit for their practice.

For More Information

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